“A true portrait is areflection of a persons soul in a moment of time.”

Mattis one of our most influential photographers, renowned throughout the world forhis captivating portraiture.

Inhis formative years, Matt studied his subjects through drawing and painting portraitsand later evolved his creative expression from fine art to photography andfilm.

His career has been enriched by meeting manyremarkable personalities along his journey - capturing authentic stories ofthose women and men who leave their mark on the world. His subjects range fromHM Queen Elizabeth II to Kanye West to Jennifer Lawrence to Spike Lee…

Matt has developed a style and aesthetic ofstrength and elegancy that's shared across both his studio and locationphotography. His work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar,Interview, The Times, L'Uomo Vogue, Rolling Stone, GQ among others.

His passion and talent for conceptual creativityextends to working with the world's leading creative agencies, creatingadvertising campaigns for brands in the entertainment, luxury, lifestyle,beauty, sport and fashion industries.

A career defining moment for Matt was beingcommissioned by Buckingham Palace, to photograph the official portraits for HMQueen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Phillip Duke of Cambridge, in celebration oftheir 70th Wedding Anniversary. The success of these portraits led to a furthercommission, this time by Kensington Palace, to photograph the official portraitsfor Prince Louis of Cambridge christening.

Matt also dedicates his time to charity work and has worked on campaigns includingCancer Research, Children In Need, Haiti, RNLI and White Ribbon.  The success of his most recent campaign for ‘MQ- Mental Health’ charity awarded him the honour of an ambassadorship, inrecognition of his commitment to help eradicate mental illnesses in youngpeople.

As the official photographerfor BAFTA film awards, Matt marks the achievements of our most revered actors andfilmmakers of our era through a series of portraits publicised in GQ Magazine.

Matt’slove and obsession with film has led him to create a portraiture book, whichfeatures the legendary film directors of our era – including RichardAttenborough, Danny Boyle, Catherine Hardwick, Sam Mendes, Alan Parker, KenLoach, Kimberly Pearce and each portrait is prefaced with a personal story writtenabout them by there most respected confidant.

Anative of England, he lives and works from his studio in London, New York andLos Angeles.

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